The concept was defined by an unorthodox, fresh, and contrasting approach.

Hotel Perk


The concept was defined by an unorthodox, fresh, and contrasting approach. The restaurant respects the original building while creating a unique atmosphere with a contemporary spirit, rather industrial, simplistic, yet soft and welcoming. Original columns were respected and underscored with concrete-screed decor, a key detail appearing throughout the hotel, including in the floors and walls. Wooden elements, on the other hand, add to the welcoming atmosphere. What stands out most, however, is the open living kitchen, a more apt name for which would be ‘food temple’. The space flows continuously into an immense bar, tracing the floor plan of the building and creating a theatre-like impression. The seating furniture has been carefully chosen to correspond to the desired atmosphere of the restaurant and was selected, all in black, from my collections Mistra chairs (Master&Master) and Rendezvous leather upholstered chairs (Formdesign). Two dominant brick-coloured tables on the other hand are bespoke pieces whose bases were inspired by PERK brand identity elements. The experience is rounded out with Prisma lights hanging above all the tables. Light atmospheres were created all by Brokis collections, the main lighting partner of PERK. A low-key and intimate restaurant is the antithesis of the lighter hall and lobby located above. However, the contrast gives way to an installation connecting both floors with a unique composition of Prisma lights manufactured by Brokis, an eye-catcher to be admired even by pedestrians. The common halls are interconnected by the original staircase, which now features a grey-pink concrete screed and, together with a light installation comprising Orbis and Sfera luminaires, dominates the centre of the building. The staircase leads to hotel rooms and a Spa located on the terrace. The hotel has a total of thirty-five guest rooms, including two larger apartments divided into four playful yet elegant typological categories defined by concrete-screed walls in nougat brown, brick orange, ash green, and blue-grey. In all of the rooms, however, guest comfort comes first. In selected parts of the building, such as the lobby and apartments, guests will also encounter Overlay lights. Similarly, the Muffins collection was selected for the spa area. Hotel room windows were enlarged to enable guests to profit from the view of the green countryside and are outlined in a black finish for maximum contrast between the interior and the exterior.


Type: Interior design, Year: 2023

Hotel Perk