“I wanted to tell the story of an ideal house, and not with words but rather with light in its most varied forms,” says Lucie Koldova. “In my haus, light played the main role, and the furniture completed the rooms – not the other way around.”’

Das Haus


At the beginning of this year, Lucie Koldova, as a guest of honour, created a concept of an ideal house for IMM Cologne 2018 - Interiors on Stage. Lucie conceived ‘DAS HAUS’ installation as a structure of "light cells". Rightly named ‘Light levels’, the project explored new lights and atmospheres, as well as new light perspectives with a very sensual clean approach. As such, it offered visitors a journey through various emotional states, where lights, moods, transparencies, materials and colours helped to transport them.


Manufacturer: Imm Cologne, Year: 2018

Das Haus