A large-scale object to serve as the centrepiece of the interior. It was a fascinating experience to sculpt an object out of a soft textured material. The subtle yet robust form and the combination of natural Portuguese cork and strawberry-red cushions is my personal visual statement.



Moreover, it’s a completely natural and biodegradable material, which makes it very attractive to work with. Other benefits are its versatility and resistance to wear and tear. The shell of the Corques lounge sofa is made from sustainable cork from production leftovers in Portuguese bottle cork factories. For the first time, the material, which is mainly used in tableware and accessories, has been transformed into a large-scale central piece of furniture. The design was inspired by the amazing properties of cork and the high-end manufacturing possibilities it offers. The outer monolithic shape is carved from a single bloc of pressed cork; the upholstered cushions are closely stretched to fit to the textured shell. The cork is finished in a special varnish for long-lasting resistance and a pleasant soft touch. The Corques sofa is defined by its timeless design, which combines earthly tinted cork with juicily colourful fabric and an unorthodox approach to materials that goes hand in hand with environmental awareness.


Type: Sofa, Manufacturer: Per/Use, Year: 2014