My central themes: circle, sphere, cone of light, glass... just one step further. Knowing I do what I love makes me relaxed and content. Passion and joy. Crystal-clear, juicy, vivid joy.



The external shape seems to trace the ray of light and symbolically portray traditional whistles. The design builds on a series of lamps made of transparent glass, but in this case, it has a more technical appearance. The spot lamp is highlighted by offset inks, while the outer form creates the shade of the internal soul. It further defines the precise shape of elongated pipes as well. Handblown objects create a visual line of archetypal lamps directing light downwards. The Whistle collection includes three glass pipes of larger dimensions and showcases the beauty and quality of the material as well as the mastery of Bohemian glass artisans.


Type: Light, Manufacturer: Brokis, Year: 2014