The passage of light through stone. A shape is yielded by which to secure stone between two voluminous hemispheres of glass. Macaron is the end result, the embodiment of the overall idea.



The MACARON table light pays homage to the beauty and complex textures of crystalline stone by showcasing it in opposing domes of delicate handblown glass. As the name implies, the poetic yet striking design draws its inspiration from the famed French meringue confection. Concealed in an elegant flue-shaped marble base, the light source casts its gentle glow upward to energize the meandering chalcedony veins in the central onyx plate. Irregularities and imperfections intrinsic to both semi-precious stone and handblown glass make each light a unique original. The purity of the natural materials and the artisanship applied in processing them have given rise to an extraordinary ambient lighting experience. Produced using traditional techniques, MACARON is characteristic of the distinctive and enduring aesthetic of the BROKIS brand. The MACARON table light comes in three sizes, the largest doubling as an impressive floor light, and offers a selection of refined marble and BROKIS glass colour options.


Type: Light, Manufacturer: Brokis, Year: 2017