A true celebration of glass as a material. The glass soul neglection.



The Lightline glass lighting series celebrates the material of glass in every component. The design brings together three different glass processing techniques in a single luminous and monumental sculptural object. The base, onto which the closed hand-blown glass body is fitted, is created by manually pressing glass into a cast-iron mould. The concept of a luminous line is illustrated in the design through the etched plane of the blown-glass body set in the cast base, which forms a translucent weight to anchor the lamp. A line of light is projected from the profile of the object when the light source casts its glow upon the upper plane of etched glass, which in turn appears as a thin line of light emanating outward from the side. The lamps represent a collection of table projectors with a light of intimate character, the luminous line gently poised above the transparency of the glass body.


Type: Light, Manufacturer: Brokis, Year: 2015