Urban Islands stand for a flexible and playful system of urban furniture. My need for exterios aesthetics.

Urban Islands


A large island for seating, a higher one on which to place a laptop, and the highest one as a backrest. A unique shape based on the simple geometry of several ovals and three levels of horizontal surfaces brings a new look to seating in public space. The modules can either stand alone or be linked in a playful archipelago. The intersection of shapes, varied orientation of the wooden elements, and the colourful bodies of the seating units complete the overall effect. The wood of the horizontal surfaces can be substituted with HPL (high-pressure laminate), whose smooth surface and colour as well as graphic possibilities give an entirely different character to the seating units. The menu of different combinations is extensive enough to satisfy all creative architects who want to add something new and unusual to their projects. (collaboration with Dan Yeffet)


Type: Furniture, Manufacturer: mmcité, Year: 2012


Urban Islands